Character Profile


NAME: Veronica Ophanninova (Ophannin)
ALIAS: The Assassin
AGE: 481
BIO: Veronica Ophanninova was born into privilege. The child of a noble line of pure blood vampires belonging to the Dragul clan. Like most spoiled rich kids, discipline was not something she embraced.

During her first hundred years of growth she and friends would terrorize the Eastern European countryside slaughtering dozens of innocent villagers and travelers unlucky enough to be on the roads when they were.

After traveling Europe and living a bohemian lifestyle, Veronica moved to North America at the beginning of the 20th century during the Great Exodus. The move to the New World did not stop her desire to gorge on humans so the Dragul elders decided to reign in her "bloodlust."

Veronica was told to correct the Convert Problem or risk being outcast. She accepted their terms, Americanized her name to Ophannin and is quickly becoming a master of weaponry and a valuable asset to the Dragul clan.

Veronica is currently living in Cherub Falls, NY.



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