a film by Michael Kazlo II

REGRET is a two minute short about the death of one of two young friends and how the guilty conscience of the other haunts him years later.

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Filming was held on Saturday, March 20, 2004 from 12 noon until 6pm in Ft. Ann, NY.

The opening shot of the camera pointing down at and traveling over the ice was achieved by Shawn Schaffer and David Long pulling a Flexible Flyer sled with me on it. It took a couple tries before I stopped falling off the sled until we got a decent shot.

Shawn, Dave and Jay each took turns with the pick-axe to punch a hole in the 14 inches of ice we were standing on to make the hole Jimmy falls through.

Michael "a darn good actor" Cannon brought his own props: the newspaper he holds as he opens the door.

REGRET was edited on a G4 Power Mac with Final Cut Pro3.

A blue filter was applied to the scenes in post-production to give the film a more ominous and cold "wintery" look and feel.

The sounds of the boys ice skating were folleyed in during post using a large kitchen knife scraping against a block of ice. The sounds of the ice cracking were actually an accident. I was holding the ice blocks with gloves and what you hear is the sound of the gloves peeling off the ice block. The ice was plunged in water to get the sound of it "popping" the way you hear cubes pop in a drink but the sounds were too "small."

The shot of Grown Billy in the ice was achieved by taking a picture of Jay Ruzicka and a shot of ice then, using Photoshop, superimposing the ice over Jay and playing with the settings and coloration until I got the desired look.

Thank you to everyone that was involved in the making of REGRET.

Behind the Scenes

Storyboards - Camera Angles - Script


Official Selection - "Albacon" Albany, NY 10/7/05

CAST (in alphabetical order)

Michael Cannon..........Grandpa

Jay Ruzicka................Grown Billy

Matt Scouten..............Jimmy

Stevie Wargo..............Young Billy



Shawn Schaffer

David Long

Jay Ruzicka


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