" ACTION-PACKED FUN FEST with ZOMBIES like you've NEVER seen them before!" - Horror Movie News

"...there's no shortage of BLOODY MAYHEM!" - Horror Yearboiok

"... well thought-out ACTION SEQUENCES." - The Zombie Movie Database

Official Selection: OMEGACON Film Festival


SCREAM FARM follows a group of students who build a Halloween haunted house to help raise money for their senior class trip. The students get more then they bargained for, however, when they come across a substance in the building that begins turning them, and the townspeople, into flesh-craving zombies. Stars Jim O'Rear, Ted Alderman (TORMENT), Kimberly Lynn Cole (DEAD CLOWNS), and Maria Kil (THE DEEPENING).

Unrated - Contains Adult Language, Violence, Gore, Nudity, Drug Use

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Region 1 encoded DVD-R

Special Features
Blooper reel

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