" us just what we've been lacking since they quit making the Twilight Zone ... a must see for any fan of old Twilight Zone or Night Gallery episodes. All around, an excellent flick for the horror genre" -Unspeakable Magazine

" If you like TALES FROM THE CRYPT, TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE and other such anthologies, Joe Bagnardi's EDGE OF REALITY is sure to please ... we were thrilled to see it proven that a great homage film to such a beloved era can be made on a low budget... How refreshing! Now this is filmmaking we like to see."


An anthology feature made up of three horror tales produced & directed by independent filmmaker Joe Bagnardi. Hosted by Bruce G. Hallenbeck. Starring: Bill Chaput, Bruce G. Hallenbeck, Mary Kay Hilko, Ron Rausch, Gary Secor, Dan Bailey and Jeff Kirkendall.

Dead Man: A tell-tale heart type story about a game warden who just won't stay dead!

The Maze: About a man who comes face to face with his own worst enemy - himself!

The Quarry: A modern Bigfoot story.

Unrated - contains violence, language, gore and adult situations

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