Aother great BLOOD, FANGS & CLAWS Film Fest at The Madison!

From Friday, October 2, 2009 through the following Thursday several locally made horror movies were shown at the Madison Theater located at 1036 Madison Ave, Albany, NY.

This coincided with the premiere of the Woody Harrelson movie: Zombieland. With the purchase of a ticket to the Blood, Fangs & Claws Film Fest patrons had the opportunity of buying a ticket to Zombieland at the reduced price of $6.

The BLOOD, FANGS & CLAWS Film Fest was hosted by Dr. GriGri, ambassador to the DOMAIN. With his usual witicisms and tongue-in-skull humor, the good doctor introduced the following:

Jay Ruzicka showed his latest suspenseful KAZZULA.
Jared Balog screened his NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH.
Frank Palangi showed two parts of his multi part anthology, THE LOST.
Michael Kazlo II premiered CRYPTID.

Show times Friday and Saturday nights were: 7:00pm and 12midnight.

The image below was taken with a camera phone of the Madison's display window promoting the film fest.