On behalf of Jeff Kirkendall and myself, thank you to all those who came out to support local independent movie making. For those of you who didn't go, the B, F & C Film Fest was a night of B-movie fun that showcased my vampire action feature, BLOODLUST as a double feature with Jeff Kirkendall's vampire classic, THE TEMPTRESS. It was a fun, campy time with a free door prize for everyone that came. Costumes were welcome and ecouraged and a few did dress up.

This B-movie extravaganza was held at the Madison Theater in Albany, NY on Halloween night.

Special handouts you could receive only by being there!

L: Jeff Kirkendall and Michael Kazlo II posing for photos - R: A ticket from that night.

L: Michael Kazlo II exiting his "office" - R: Jeff Kirkendall fielding questions on "The Temptress"

L: Nicole Signore introducing "Bloodlust" - R: Michael Kazlo II answering audience questions.

L: Michael "a darn good actor" Cannon & actress Stefani Brown acting campy - R: Composer/actor Dan "Danymal" Persons

copyright 2006 Archangel Productions

The BLOOD, FANGS AND CLAWS FILM FEST, logo, poster and all artwork associated with the B,F&G Film Fest copyright 2006 Archangel Productions

THE TEMPTRESS and all artwork associated with THE TEMPTRESS copyright Very Scary Productions and used with permission