Creepy Cherub Distribution would like to bring some fun low budget movies to your theater!

We are proud to announce the Blood, Fangs & Claws Film Fest Collection.

Creepy Cherub Distribution represents several low budget filmmakers across the country, most being from the Albany, NY area of Upstate NY.

Trailers of the available films can be viewed on this page.

Should you wish to have any of our movies screened at your theater please click the ADD TO CART button to purchase the rights to show them.

Once purchased, a DVD copy or a downloadable digital copy in the form of a web address will be sent to you. There are no hidden fees and no percentage cut of the ticket sales. Just a non-refundable flat fee. Your theater keeps ALL OF ITS TICKET SALES!

Not only will your patrons be supporting your independent theater, they will also be supporting independent filmmakers. These filmmakers have been supporting their own local indie theaters through the premieres of these movies.

Perfect for late night midnight showings or weekend screenings in October or any other time of the year!

Select as many films as you want. Using PayPal (which also securely accepts credit cards), purchase either a DVD copy of the movies, which will be mailed to the address you will provide. You can also choose the downloadable version of the movie where a link will be emailed to you. Your theater will retain the rights to show the movies you select as many times as you want for one month. If you wish to renew the license just come back at any time and make another purchase. 

cryptidWhen Dr. Nannoc's assistant transports a dangerous new creature to a scientific facility for disposal, the creature escapes and begins a rampage of DEATH!

A secret government agency is called in to clean up the growing mess. 83 min


CRYPTID Theatrical Trailer from Archangel Productions on Vimeo.


BLBLOODLUST is the story of young Maria Hunter who witnesses her parents being slaughtered by a vampire in their blood-spattered home. Hunter and her infant brother are adopted by the Church and grow up in a warm and loving environment until one night when the vampire who murdered her parents savagely kills her brother. The enraged Hunter leaves the secure confines of the Church on a crusade for vengeance on the creatures responsible for stealing her family from her.
84 min


Bloodlust Teaser Trailer C from Archangel Productions on Vimeo.


ScreamFarmSCREAM FARM follows a group of students who build a Halloween haunted house to help raise money for their senior class trip. The students get more then they bargained for, however, when they come across a substance in the building that begins turning them, and the townspeople, into flesh-craving zombies. Stars Jim O'Rear, Ted Alderman (TORMENT) and Maria Kil (THE DEEPENING). 77 min

Scream Farm

Scream Farm Trailer from Archangel Productions on Vimeo.


DeepeningWritten in the style of the late 1970's "slasher" films, a fireman copes with post traumatic stress disorder from the tragic events of 9-11 when a string of grisly murders erupts around him. Stars Jim O'Rear as "Jim Combs" with Gunnar "Leatherface" Hansen, Debbie "American Nightmare" Rochon, Ted "Vampyre Tales" Alderman, and Debbie "Hayride Slaughter" D. 81 min

The Deepening

THE DEEPENING - TRAILER from Archangel Productions on Vimeo.


TemptressThe Temptress follows the exploits of three beautiful women living a subdued suburban existence. Their peaceful nights crash to an end when the evil and powerful vampire Angelique pays the girls a visit. With the help of her sexy followers she soon forces a confrontation between the two groups as the past comes to life and secrets are revealed...
68 min

The Temptress

The Temptress Trailer from Archangel Productions on Vimeo.


ShadowTracker While serving their tour in Vietnam two soldiers are attacked by a vampire. One gets bitten and becomes a vampire, the other must become the SHADOW TRACKER and end his friend's thirst for blood. 118 min

Shadow Tracker

Shadow Tracker: Vampire Hunter trailer from Archangel Productions on Vimeo.


OneLastKill On the eve of his execution, multiple murderer Curtis Starks is given the opportunity to make a final statement on video before his date with the Gas Chamber. His final words are gripping, twisted and disturbed. A haunting vision into the warped mind of a brilliant but insane killer. 101 min

One Last Kill

OneLastKill-TRAILER from Archangel Productions on Vimeo.


edge An anthology feature made up of three horror tales produced & directed by independent filmmaker Joe Bagnardi. Hosted by Bruce G. Hallenbeck.  78 min

Dead Man: A tell-tale heart type story about a game warden who just won't stay dead!

The Maze: About a man who comes face to face with his own worst enemy - himself!

The Quarry: A modern Bigfoot story.

Edge of Reality



VAAfter centuries of living the life of a free spirited spoiled rich vampire, terrorizing the Eastern European countryside, Veronica arrives in the United States for new prey. But when her actions start attracting the attention of humans she is brought before her clan elders and ordered to reign in her "bloodlust" or be ostracized by the rest of the clan, a fate worse than death. In order to get back into the good graces of the elders Veronica must become an assassin and kill vampires who themselves are attracting the humans' attentions. 19 min

The Vampire Assassin

Vampire Assassin Trailer from Archangel Productions on Vimeo.


Theater&Bikinis A lighthearted dramatic comedy. Claire (Heather Blossom Brown) is a college girl who yearns to become an actress. She and her best friend Rebecca (Marie DeLorenzo) get involved in a crazy situation, hoping to make this dream a reality. Also stars James Carolus as Jeffrey Williams, the famous director Claire goes to great lengths to meet.
39 min

Of Theatre & Bikinis

Of Theatre & Bikinis Trailer from Archangel Productions on Vimeo.


mother MOTHER is a thriller by Christine Parker and Sick Chick Flicks. Just be glad this isn't your mother! 22 min





  When a young couple visits a family-owned cabin, Doug begins to think the tale of the "Kazzula" may be real. Think: The Grudge goes to the woods. Approx. 7.5 min . NO TRAILER AVAILABLE