It's here!! Two years in the making. The DVD of BLOODLUST .

Unrated (contains violence, adult language, gore, drug use)
Region 1 encoding

Special Features
Feature length commentary
Music featurette
3 teaser trailers
Blooper reel


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 FEATURE - $2.99

Archangel Productions' first feature length, award winning (hey, just look at the laurels it got on the BLOODLUST home page) vampire action movie.

 Director Commentary - $1.99

Writer/Director Michael Kazlo II and horror host, Dr. GriGri give you the low down (mostly) on what happened developing, on the set, and in post production of BLOODLUST.

 Bloopers (coming soon)

Hilarious outtakes from the set of BLOODLUST

 Trailers *FREE*

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